Hola. This will be my official first post on my new blog.

Anyway, I’m not getting into anything specific just yet.

I love many things in this world. I love art, graphic design, animation, drawing, painting, and comic books.
I love tv shows, sitcoms, sprite animations and cartoons. I’m a total 90’s kid cartoon show kind of guy!
I love playing the piano, though I’m not exactly a pro.

I love math and science. I love high levels of theoretical mathematics and physics. I may not comprehend them all exactly, but I love learning about it.
I love to analyze things. Either people or numbers. I love looking at statistics and finding new statistics
I love learning about new technology. I love technological innovation.

And most of all…I love my dog Izze!

Just to start things off, after seeing two good friends of mine go off to see The Book of Mormon at the Los Angeles Pantages Theater yesterday, and me seeing some of their songs on youtube with my cousin Anthony, I looked through ticket sales to find a cheap(relatively) ticket to go watch the play myself. I have never been to a musical, and I would love to go watch a musical at the Pantages. Unfortunately…there was nothing cheap..until I decided to try eBay. I found a guy selling a ticket for today, for only $150 or best offer. The ticket was for row F, Orchestra Center…also known as Row 6 Center Stage! I couldn’t resist so out of a whim, I bought the ticket. How could I not? My first experience to a musical, and it’s amazing tickets! For about half the price it would be if I bought it from ticketmaster!
Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a fraud or something, though the ticket is insured by eBay, and the guy has a 100% approval rate so I think I’m in good hands.

I’ll be posting my experience later today!