They say Thanksgiving should be a time where you are thankful for what you have.

As a young adult living in America, every year it seems harder and harder for me to see that in many people that I know. I don’t exactly blame people for it though. It is just the mindset and culture of the American public.
I remember when I took my TV Studies class back in college. It was there that I learned the difference between television in different nations such as with US and the UK. The UK is more focused on public services funding while the US is centered around advertisement funding. So needless to say, we of the US are just more exposed to commercialism, materialistic desires and…sadly deals and sales.
Yes I do believe that the idea of Black Friday has, in a way, helped to take away the idea of Thanksgiving a bit. I mean, when you really think about it, they put a day where only the first come basis can get things we don’t have right after the day where we are supposed to be thankful for we already have.

To be honest, Black Friday has never really bothered me until they started having it before Friday. Meaning, Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving itself nowadays. This year, Targets open at 9, Walmart open at 8, stores trying to beat one another are opening earlier and earlier each year to the point where I’m sure in the next couple of years, Black Friday will just start becoming Black Thursday.
Now don’t get me wrong. I go Black Friday shopping most of the time myself. I just refuse to stand in line days ahead of time, wait in super long lines and miss out on a great family dinner. To be honest, I would rather pay a little more for, lets say, that new laptop or TV if the price of getting cheaper is loosing the values of Thanksgiving.

So I know not everyone has a family that they can have dinner with. Some people may not be in good measure with their families. In fact, I am not personally emotionally close to any of my immediate family. I often doubt that my siblings feel thankful to have me as an older brother. Though I don’t doubt them, starting college I wasn’t exactly a close big brother as I was in high school. I spent more time with friends, I was more rebelliousness towards my mother, and I was hardly home. Though I have changed my perspective of my family since then, I never felt that my family has ever forgiven me for that time. Or they have, but they they’re no longer willing to warm up to me. Which is fine, I do understand and I do accept it. Although not so much any more, I still went out of my way to drive my little brother and sister to places they desired. Why even once, I drove my sister to her boyfriend’s house, then when I got home, and to go back to pick her up again. Truth is, I’m not saying I had a perfect relationship with my siblings and my mother, but even though they’re not up to warming up to me, I’m ok with that. They are still my family, and even though I don’t talk to any of them, and hardly exchange a line of dialog with them for the whole Thanksgiving day, the fact that I’m here, I hope is enough for them to realize one day that I don’t hate them, even if I feel they don’t really like me.

Now back to Black Friday, to be honest if it was a Black Friday any other time of the year, I wouldn’t even be ranting very much about it. Like Cyber Monday. It’s just more of the fact it’s right after Thanksgiving and it’s no longer starting at midnight like it used to.

My final thoughts, if your idea of Thanksgiving is both, family dinner and late night shopping, good for you. For those of you who feel that the big screen TV and the new computer can wait, I think that’s great too. Make Thanksgiving whatever you want it to be and for what’s important to you.

Happy Thanksgiving.