So I’ve decided to put up a few posts about one of my favorite things in this world, Gundams!
Giant mechanical suits of death, lasers, missiles, explosions and…peace!

Words can not describe my love for them, from the series, the soundtrack, and especially the gundam models! I’ve build the models since I was around 13 years old when my old friend Mathew introduced them to me. I’ve only recently begun adventuring into customizing models, normally I would just build and paint them to be as close to the show as I could. Maybe one day I’ll be posting up some models, but that’s not the topic of today’s post.

So my gundam posts are meant for people who are new or would like to know more about the Gundam series. I will be reviewing all of them with some brief descriptions and synopsis of the different series. These are not meant to be in-depth analysis, for that, check out the gundam wikia page or even better, watch the show!


Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

Lets start things off with the original, the classic, the RX-78-2 White Devil himself, the very first Mobile Suit Gundam.

The show introduces us to the Universal Century (UC) universe and introduces the start of the Federation vs Zeon War and the first creation of the Gundam.
Human beings have colonized into space with the creation of giant space colonies. The Colonies furthest away from Earth declares independence from Earth, disliking Earth’s authority of pushing Earth citizens to colonize into space, which upsets the space colonists. Led by the Zabi family, the colonists called themselves the Republic of Zeon and although the Earth Federation outnumbered the Zeons, they had the greater technology and after months of fighting, the casualties were already in its billions.

The series starts on a colony where the Federation has been developing new weapons and mobile suits. Their newest war ship, called The White Base, comes to pick up the new weapons but are attacked by trailing Zeon forces. A colony resident named Amuro Ray enters the cockpit of the Gundam, fights off the Zeon forces and becomes the Gundam pilot for the White Base. With his friends onboard the White Base as refugees, Amuro fights and improves his piloting skills with the Gundam and the crew goes on a series of missions fighting off Zeon forces, the Zabi family and facing off against a Zeon ace pilot by the name of Char Aznable, aka the Red Comet, who the two quickly form a rivalry. Amuro is often joined in combat by his friends who have also taken position among the White Base crew: Bright Noa commander of the White Base, Kai Bidan in the Gun Cannon, Ryu and Hayato in the Gun Tank, and Sayla Mass in the Core Booster. Through the death of his friends, crew mates, love interests and the strain of constant fighting, Amuro quickly learns of the cruel nature of war and distance himself from everyone over the stress, loss of loved ones, and his newly developing powers of being a Newtype (I will discuss this more afterwards). During the final battle at A Baoa Qu, Zeon’s strongest asteroid base, the Federation emerges victorious, all except one Zabi family member had been killed, Char goes missing and Amuro uses his Newtype abilities to telepathically guide his friends to safety and away from an exploding White Base, realizing that the crew had become the family he truly belongs to.

The One Year War ends with the Zeon survivors and the Federation signing a peace treaty and a stop to the fighting.


(Top: White Base, Left: Gun Cannon, Middle: Gundam, Right: Gun Tank)

Mobile Suit Gundam kicks this off and shows the strength of a gundam. They are fast, mobile, durable, and capable of taking down any enemy no matter how big  or strong they may be. Gundam mainly represents an end to war and often questions the motives and integrity of each side, as in real war, their may not always be a “right” side and a “wrong” side.

The show also introduces Newtypes, the next stage of human evolution after living in space. Although the show leaves some ambiguity to the full extent of their abilities, newtypes are able to telepathically communicate with each other, sense the hostilities in their enemies which allows them to react quickly against their enemies, mentally speak to deceased Newtypes, and psychically man remote controlled weapons (which in my opinion is the most broken weapons in all of the gundam universes haha) Newtypes are often exploited by the military and are experimented to create artificial versions of them, called Cyber Newtypes.

Overall Gundam represents war, the true nature of it, corruption in government and power, and how it is always right to fight for what is truly right. To fight for an end of war, for true compromise and for a better understanding of each other so that we do not discriminate and lead ourselves to conflict. Though Mobile Suit Gundam is a pretty darn old series, which does make it a bit hard for some people to sit through watching these days, the show did an excellent job of introducing us to the Gundam Universe. It also makes us all dream of the days when war will allow us to fly around in giant robots sporting laser guns, and machine cannons, and missiles, and shining fighters of death, and FIN FUNNEL BARRAGES!!!!!! Death to all those who like fighting. DEATH TO THEM ALL!!!!!
*note I do not support this message of violence. Please do not take me seriously on this for I am a peace loving guy who just likes watching clashes of robotic knights in space!*