So just a note before starting, if there are any die hard gundam fans reading this though I am trying to go in timeline order, I know there are tons of novelizations, mangas, games and even some OVA’s that deserve some mentioning, I have not personally seen or read all of them and also, these posts are meant more to get people into Gundams by providing short(ish) posts talking about the show. So I know I should have been talking about the MS IGLOO and eventually about the White Dingos of the Sega Dreamcast games, but I’m going to hold off on them and focus more on the more popular and mainstreamed series. And I also forgot to mention this before, Spoilers ahead. Read at your own digression. Though I promise, I won’t spoil everything.


Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

War in the Pocket takes place towards the end of the One Year War (The events of Mobile Suit Gundam) with the creation of a new Gundam code named “Gundam Alex”. The new mobile suit was designed to have a faster response time and a new 360 degree view cockpit for better piloting. The story takes place on a neutral space colony where a Zeon team infiltrates to discover the secret location of the Gundam and destroy it. Al Izuruha, a local 11-year-old, dreams about fighting in the war and fate comes knocking at his door as he meets Bernie Wiseman, a member of the Zeon team and the two quickly develop a older-younger brother relationship. Al’s old neighbor, Christina Mackenzie, a member of the Earth Federation, is transferred back to the colony and accidentally attacks Bernie when she sees him sneaking around Al’s house. Al tells her Bernie is his brother, and Christ and Bernie take a quick liking to each other.

After a failed attempt to eliminate the Gundam, Bernie and Al soon discover that unless they can destroy the Gundam, the Zeon forces stationed outside will drop a nuclear bomb on  the colony to destroy the Gundam. Bernie initially tries to escape the colony, but soon has a change in heart as he could not bear loosing Al and Chris and so returns and with the help of Al, they fix up a broken Zaku and Bernie gives one last shot at taking down the Gundam.



Though my review does have a cliffhanger ending, I do so only because I absolutely loved this series and would encourage everyone who hasn’t seen it to go watch it. Plus the series is only 6 episodes, so it’s not long at all.

Although set in the same universe as Mobile Suit Gundam, it moves away from Newtypes and showcases ordinary humans fighting during the war and introduces us the idea that not every Zeon should be seen as “bad”.  Al starts off with an idealistic view of war and even at an early age, disagrees with his friends when he learns that they view Zeons as bad because the news and their parents told them that. War in the Pocket is a heart touching story and though there are a lot of sad moments, it goes to show that there are never really any happy stories to be told during war, and often it is innocent civilians who suffer the most from conflict.