Today I watched two animation shorts that absolutely moved me like no other. Very well done, incredible animation and story telling, and without a single line of dialogue spoken. (Unless you count grunts and sighs)

Disney’s Paperman


Originally released as a short along side Disney’s Wreck It Ralph, this 6 min story of a chance encounter and a man’s struggle between his office job and his origami abilities to take a go after with who could be the love of his life. A great story told from start to finish, Paperman tells the classic story of the search for love, to go after what you want, and with a little bit of luck, and maybe some disney magic ;D, your worlds will collide like you never believe.
This short represents everything that I love about animation and more! Animation is not real. Animation is drawn images from people like you and me, and pre-recorded dialogues and music added to produce sound for the images. But despite all of it, despite how not unreal animation is, it doesn’t stop it from making you feel so real on the inside. Paperman tells its story and touches the hearts of its viewers just as well as any of Disney/Pixar’s current animated films. It goes to show you that through all the fancy graphics and special effects, sometimes a simple story and incredible story telling and animation is all it takes to produce an amazing work of art.
The magic that animation gives us, the ability to take images and sound and produce real emotions within all of us is what animation is all about, and Paperman delivers like no other.
Along with being the first animated short by Disney to win an academy award in over 40 years, Paperman is a must see for any animation, disney, romance fanatic. You can find a few clips of it on youtube currently, just look for any that is around 6 minutes long. The other videos are usually clips or trailers. I also believe it is on Hulu or Hulu Plus.

Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella

blue umbrella

Another animated short, shown in theaters with Pixar’s Monster’s University, tells is another romantic story in a way only Pixar is able to. Through inanimate objects that has feelings and emotions and does not make us question it what so ever!
Just like Paperman, this short also uses minimal dialog minus background music and noises while telling a story about a blue umbrella that stands out in many ways among a crowd of people and becomes infatuated by a cute red umbrella standing next to him. It’s love at first sight! (yes I know umbrellas don’t really have eyes so it technically can’t be love at first ‘sight’ but just go with it ok)
But things take a turn for the worst, when their owners take turns away from each other and head their respective ways, taking their love smitten umbrellas with them.
Blue goes after his woman…umbrella..girl…I don’t know… he goes after Red and must find a way to her before it’s too late. Which is hard because umbrellas can’t move on their own.
Another sweet and simple story about love and chasing after it. Pixar did an amazing job yet again with making us fall in love and cry over a household item we would otherwise relate no emotions towards.
A must see for everybody! You can find a few clips on youtube, though quality will not be great, but watchable at least. Like Paperman, look for a video that is about 6 minutes long. Shorter ones are usually trailers or clips.

So there you have it. Two animated clips that have made my day! Now I know what you’re thinking. “Which one was your favorite?”
I hate it when people ask me that!
I can’t just pick one, I like them all too much. So why not both?

I present you Umbrella Paperman! God I love the internet! It has helped me find so many great things. It has even one me a slap bet against my friend, we made a slap wager that I could not find a cool picture of Ryu from Street Fighter rocking a cape. And boy did I prove him wrong! But that shall be a story for a later day!
Until then, for those who have found your lover, watch these films together and have an amazing evening. For those who have not, when you find that one, go after them! Live your life like these animated icons and chase after love! If you’re not the lovey dovey person, then find something passion to chase after and go for it!