Last Sunday, Game of Thrones aired its season 6 finale.

There is much to talk about in that episode, and so many theories/confirmation of theories. None of which I am going to talk about, because lets be honest. Everyone and their grandmas’ are talking about it already. So rather than this post be something just like the countless other, I decided to talk about something different.

Though he was only in the episode for as small segment, when Sam arrived in Oldtown and into the Hightower, we are greeted with a huge CGI library, filled with walls full of books. So many books that it puts Beasts’ gift to Belle from Beauty and the Beast to shame.



Anyway, if you look at the roof decorations, you see this.



Which should remind you of this…


The hanging decor from the top of the library in Hitower is the same Sun/spherical thing from the Intro song. And that leads me to believe that at the end of the series, the entire story of Game of Thrones is being told to us by someone. Most likely, Maester Sam (assuming he doesn’t die before becoming a maester)
It even makes sense as when we see all of the cities, kingdoms and castles pop up like it’s from a pop up book. Almost as if somebody is either reciting the events of the series, or at least documenting everything in the Library. It also plays into the title of the series, a Song of Ice and Fire, which would tie into that somebody is reciting the tale.



So not really a spoiler, just something interesting that I caught when watching the episode, and then I went to a book store and saw the pop up book and thought to myself “Hey, this reminds me of the intro, what if the entire series is being told to us in the Library and that is why we see the spherical decor from the Library, and the pop up kingdoms as if they were from a book.”