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Last Sunday, Game of Thrones aired its season 6 finale.

There is much to talk about in that episode, and so many theories/confirmation of theories. None of which I am going to talk about, because lets be honest. Everyone and their grandmas’ are talking about it already. So rather than this post be something just like the countless other, I decided to talk about something different.

Though he was only in the episode for as small segment, when Sam arrived in Oldtown and into the Hightower, we are greeted with a huge CGI library, filled with walls full of books. So many books that it puts Beasts’ gift to Belle from Beauty and the Beast to shame.



Anyway, if you look at the roof decorations, you see this.



Which should remind you of this…


The hanging decor from the top of the library in Hitower is the same Sun/spherical thing from the Intro song. And that leads me to believe that at the end of the series, the entire story of Game of Thrones is being told to us by someone. Most likely, Maester Sam (assuming he doesn’t die before becoming a maester)
It even makes sense as when we see all of the cities, kingdoms and castles pop up like it’s from a pop up book. Almost as if somebody is either reciting the events of the series, or at least documenting everything in the Library. It also plays into the title of the series, a Song of Ice and Fire, which would tie into that somebody is reciting the tale.



So not really a spoiler, just something interesting that I caught when watching the episode, and then I went to a book store and saw the pop up book and thought to myself “Hey, this reminds me of the intro, what if the entire series is being told to us in the Library and that is why we see the spherical decor from the Library, and the pop up kingdoms as if they were from a book.”




So I realize that I have quite a few draft posts I never finished, but now that I have some free time (Got into grad school, left my old job (yay!), and applied to a few internships)
I decided to revisit some of my old blog drafts to finish them. So there’ll be a few random blog updates, from movies, shows, maybe another Game of Thrones one, to my recent trip to Japan 2 months ago as well as one about tips for planning a trip to Japan. There were a lot of things I wish I knew while planning the trip and I thought I’d share some of them for others like me who are traveling/want to travel for the first time and are not really sure where to start or what to consider. Anyway expect a few more blog posts in the near future, and for now, here’s one about one my favorite TV shows. Enjoy.




*Note, this was written on February 16th, 2016.

So yesterday, February 15th, 2016, on Presidents day, and also a perfect way for met to end my long weekend before coming back to work (which btw was filled with family and asian new years, valentines day, and a doctor who convention), was the series finale of one of my favorite shows of all time; Gravity Falls.


Words can’t express how I feel about the end of this series, so I figure I’ll let out my thoughts on my blog. I can hardly imagine I only discovered this series in April of 2015 when one of my best buds introduced me to the show, and I was instantly hooked! The humor, the mystery, all the nerdy references, and the characters! I absolutely loved every single one of the characters on this show (especially Grunkle Stan), and it’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with the series.


Grunkle Stan, truly an inspiration for everyone.

Without trying to spoil too much, in case some of you haven’t heard of or watched the finale yet, my heart was filled with so many emotions watching the finale. I was eager to see it, as I’ve been waiting to see the conclusion since November of 2015, joyful to see the series go off on a strong note, and at the same time, really saddened as well.

This next part contains some spoilers so if you don’t want any spoilers, go ahead and scroll pass this section


Overall there were some things I wished the series answered. Dipper’s real name, if there’s any significance to Dipper’s scar, what happens to time now that the Time Baby was killed, if Grunkle Stan can regain his memories, does that mean Bill might be able to return as well? And is there any significance with the Zodiac? The concept was introduced and shut down in literally 5 minutes.


But despite all the questions I still have at the end of the episode, I still loved how the series concluded. The finale had closure for some of the characters, tied up some loose ends, made lots of cameos and references to previous episodes, kind of like how Dipper and Mabel’s (the two main characters) adventures had all been leading up to this final confrontation.

It was awesome to see and the finale had fitting conclusions to all of our favorite characters. And just as in real life, everything must come to an end, and so must the Mystery Twins’ summer in Gravity Falls. For me, the saddest goodbye came from between Mabel and Waddles, I almost burst into tears. And as I watched the characters leave their beloved summer home, and the end credits rolled away, I felt conflicted. I did not want the series to end. I only just discovered the show and it felt like Gravity Falls left as quickly as it began. Though I do agree with Alex Hirsh’s decision to conclude his show on his own terms, and the way he envisioned it. He wanted his show to have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and did not want the series to be something that went on for many seasons. And of course it’s fantastic to see Gravity Falls leave on a high note, instead of ending after becoming dull or boring.

I do hope the series gets a continuation in some way shape or form, such as how Avatar the Last Airbender continues in the comics to show what happens after the series ends. I hope they do the same with Gravity Falls. There’s still so much I want to know. I want to know what lies ahead for Dipper and Mable. Does Dipper become just like his great uncle, is it really the end of Bill, do the twins return next summer? Also…*spoiler alert*  I really want to know how Dipper and Wendy’s relationship develops. Doesn’t mean they have to get together one day, although I wouldn’t be against the idea of that when the two of them are a bit older, but even if Wendy does start seeing someone, I want to see Dipper develop and learns to accept it as a man. Basically, I want to see the twins grown up. The entire series is about the end of childhood, how everything can’t always stay the same, and how no matter how hard we try, we have to face the future and move forward often meaning to letting go of the past and facing the future.

For me, I think that is what I am taking the most with me from this show. I have always loved animations and shows ever since I was young. To be honest, I often feel that the morals that I have growing up came more from the things I watch on TV then from my parents. (If any of you have the typical asian parents at home, then you probably know that a lot of asian parents and children are not emotionally close. Most asian parents are very hard working and grew up in an era and country where children and parents don’t often speak emotionally to each other.) Growing up, I always believed in loyalty, the values of friendship, putting others before myself, a strong sense of justice, and the belief that in doing what’s right even if it’s not the easiest choice. I watched a lot of anime, cartoons, power rangers, and comic books related shows as a kid and back in the 90’s, shows always liked to have morals attached to each episode. Even now that I am older, and my mind is a little more open to how the real world works, I still try to embody the lessons I learned from these shows. It may not be realistic, and too idealistic for most people, but it’s how I choose to live my life, and in the end, you just have to be happy with your life, no matter what you choose or what other people say.

Anyway, I hope people who watch Gravity Falls can take with them the value of growing up, and moving forward with life. Things don’t stay the same forever, and you’d be surprise how much you can still learn even as you grow older and feel wiser. So I hope people can take and learn from this series just as much as I did.

I love the series, will not hesitate to recommend to anyone to watch the show, and will not stop expressing my love for Gravity Falls. It is very well written, has great and memorable characters, great humor, a lot of heart, and a good show for anyone who is a fan of sci fi, math, science, and fantasy. (Almost reminds me of Futurama, another series I love)

Now here’s a little comic strip I found online. Thanks for reading, and remember,
I put the Fun, in No Refunds!


gravity falls high school

The following:

1) Contains spoilers. If you have not caught up with Season 5 of Game of Thrones, or read up to A Dance of Dragons in the books, the following will contain some spoilers.

2) This is meant to be a parody and comedy analysis of the series. I am mainly speaking sarcastically and of course jokingly, so please don’t get offended or offer counter arguments on how my analysis is wrong. There are so many youtube videos/blogs about Game of Throne theories out there and I just wanted to do something a little different. If you at least cracked a smile reading this, then my job was a success!

Anyway on to the post! Cue entry!


Dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun
Dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun

Ok so you’ve most likely already finished watching season 5 of Game of Thrones that had audiences in such agony that TV/Laptops everywhere were being tossed to the walls from the agonies of everyone’s favorite character on his death bed.


Ahahahaha….. tragic…

Anywho, book readers have had 4 years knowing this was going to happen and must have been watching with tears of joy as us series watchers/non-book readers watched in utter shock as Jon was stabbed by his own men, saying to ourselves “he’s not dead…he can’t be dead…MARTIN YOU SON OF A… *insert profanity of choice* .. ”

The internet banded together, series watchers and book readers all around, analyzing the situation, rewatching the finale, and searching for clues as to how Jon could survive his fate. Theories go from Melissandre resurrecting Jon, Jon warging into Ghost, even analysis onto his pupils during his death and trying to figure it out if his eyes dilated or turned a different color (possibly signifying some hidden power or something unique about his bloodline).
I think by now everyone’s heard of the theory about Jon’s real parents *cough Stark and Targarean cough* and some would feel he can’t possibly be dead as he has a larger role to play in the wars to come with the White Walkers. Also George RR Martin has yet to confirm the characters death. And lets not forget Sam telling Gilly before leaving to train as a Maester: “Don’t worry. He always comes back.” So there is a good chance that Jon might not be dead.

Or… maybe that’s just what Martin wants you to believe as his evil master plan unfolds!

Me personally, I was saddened and a little upset to see Jon killed. He had such a rough life so far, Mother not liking him, father and uncle both telling him they’d talk about his mother only to die/disappear, people who gave a damn about him dying (Rob, Lord Commander Mormont), having the chance to avenge his family with Stannis, and falling in love but loosing her to… OLLY!!!!! That evil child killed both Ygritte and Jon! And of course his brothers turning on him for showing compassion to wildlings.
The character was dealt such a bad hand in life but he kept on fighting and not letting anything stand in his way. He was the Stark that constantly chose his duty over love, and I believed there was a lot of potential for his character; consistently being offered the choices to take the easy way out but always choosing the hard path. So it was quite painful to see him die off and seeing how his story line ends so abruptly without any resolve/conclusion for the character.

Even though I was saddened, I guess I’m so used to Game of Thrones now that I sort of brushed it off after a while. I mean there’s been so many characters you can’t help but love only to get killed off by the end of the season. Yes it stinks, but honestly, that’s the type of world Martin as created. That’s just the reality and whether we like it or not, his world is not a fairy tale and that’s what makes his series so unique and likable.

There’s also a theory going around as to why the books are called A Song of Fire and Ice
Here’s a hint:

jon_snow_by_darkfong-d4coily daenerys_targaryen_by_linxz2010-d61v3j3

With the series focusing a lot of Daenerys and Jon’s storylines, one can’t help but to feel that the Fire and Ice part of the title is about Danny and Jon respectively. And hey, it makes perfect sense plus the theories of Jon’s parents ties the two characters together.

But what if we’ve been looking at the whole picture wrong?

It’s true that Martin has yet to confirm or deny Jon’s death and there’s a lot of evidence that he might survive, plus the series title about Ice and Fire does make sense that Danny and Jon are set to play a larger role in the story, but lets consider this fact.

There have been other characters who’s death made audiences around the world think “he’s not dead… he can’t be dead. There’s no way!” Case in point: Ned Stark, Rob Stark, Catelyn Stark, Oberyn Martell, and I’m sure some of you have thought the same with Princess Shireen.

And lets be honest, it would not come to that much of a surprise if Martin essentially flips everyone a huge middle finger and lets Jon stay dead and ends his story right then and there.

Martin has stated he wants readers to be on the edge of their seats when they read the series and I don’t think it’s beyond him to end the entire series with everyone dying, White Walkers winning, or maybe Daenerys storms in with her dragons and burns everything to the ground, killing everyone! Basically Marin trolls readers for the past 20+ years and kills every main character at the end of the book. And you know what, I think that makes perfect sense.

Maybe the Ice in the title isn’t referring to Jon, but the White Walkers. Maybe they’re meant to invade, take over, and destroy everything, covering the land in total ice, winter, and death. They pretty much seem impossible to defeat and with everyone in Westeros so busy fighting each other and not even paying much attention to the problems North of the Wall, I think it’d make perfect sense for Westeros to fall under everyone’s own greed and pride. I mean everyone who tries to do the right thing ends up dying so maybe it’s all a metaphor for whats to happen. Also it wouldn’t make too much sense for Danny to storm over to Westeros and take over, she doesn’t know anybody there. But she is known in the lands of Essos. Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to claim and rule over all of Essos with the fires of her dragons raging on and burning all of her adversaries in fire and blood? The entire world will be ruled under Ice and Fire, completing the prophecy of of George RR Martin and the final book ends with Tyrion narrating the entire story as a bard to a few of children survivors and finishes with “and that children…is a song of fire and ice” (Yes Tyrion is too awesome of a character to die, so I think he’ll live throughout the entire series) If this is honesty how the series ends, it would be Martin pretty much trolling the entire fanbase, be a huge flip of the bird to everyone, make everyone scream “no this can’t be how it ends, that character can’t die”, and would catch everyone off guard and prove that the series is definitely not a fairy tale. Pretty much what he’s been doing since the series began! So hey, maybe my theory isn’t too far fetched. It doesn’t fall beyond the realms of what Martin has done so far. And maybe A song of fire and ice was not meant to have a happy ending, but to be a divine tragedy.


“I hoped everyone enjoyed my story…this is for all the death threats and telling me how I should write my own books!”

Maybe he just wants to teach everyone a big lesson, that if we as a species can not look beyond our own greed, pride, and ambitions to see the larger picture, or set aside personal goals and beliefs to transcend prejudiced and hate for one another and band together to face a greater threat to the world, then everyone is doomed to parish. And we’d have no one to blame but ourselves when it’s too late.


“I bring jobs, unity, peace, ever lasting life, and a descent benefits package…and yet I’m the bad guy of the series?”

Or if that ending’s too upsetting for you, here’s a few alternative endings that I have thought of as well.

  • White Walkers takes control of Danny’s dragons and rides around all of Westeros shooting ice and fire!
  • The Lord of Light that Melissandre worships turns out to be Martin himself appearing in his own series, holding what is essentially a DeathNote (like the anime) with the ability to write the deaths of any character in his notebook and it comes true. He kills every character except for Reek/Theon Greyjoy, because apparently no one remembers what his name is so Martin can’t write his name in his death note. (joke reference to the Game of Thrones RPG by Collegehumor on Youtube.
  • It turns out to be Hodor was the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, or the Messiah of Game of Thrones the entire time Hodor does rhyme with Azor. (Personally I want this to be the ending)
  • The series ends with Bran waking up from his coma and there’s a bard signing to him beside his bed.
  • Or what I’m sure is a lot of people’s favorite, the Starks all come back to life, Arya comes back as a kickass assassin, Sansa…. can just sit somewhere I guess with Theon braiding each other’s hairs, Bran wargs into a Man-Bear-Pig, Rickon comes with northerners who are loyal to the Stark family, and they all attack with an army of animals, ancient people, and dire wolves and kills everyone! THE NORTH REMEMBERS!

So that’s my take on Game of Thrones. As I stated in the beginning, yes this was a comedic analysis of the series, so please don’t get too offended. However I would definitely laugh my @ss off if I end up being partially correct,

Bit shout out to one of my best friends, Kevin K Nguyen for brainstorming with me on these crazy ideas. He’s a lawyer, so if you ever need legal advice and are located in the Southern California area, look him up.

I love this series and I hope that despite all the negative events that happen in the story, I hope everyone will keep on supporting Martin at least until he finishes A Dream of Spring. True the show may not capture everything in the books, and I have heard a lot of hate for the series because it’s not enough like the books, but hey, lets take a bit of advice from Martin’s story, stop hating and just appreciate everything for what it is.

Have fun with the show/books everyone. And just remember to …



Today I watched two animation shorts that absolutely moved me like no other. Very well done, incredible animation and story telling, and without a single line of dialogue spoken. (Unless you count grunts and sighs)

Disney’s Paperman


Originally released as a short along side Disney’s Wreck It Ralph, this 6 min story of a chance encounter and a man’s struggle between his office job and his origami abilities to take a go after with who could be the love of his life. A great story told from start to finish, Paperman tells the classic story of the search for love, to go after what you want, and with a little bit of luck, and maybe some disney magic ;D, your worlds will collide like you never believe.
This short represents everything that I love about animation and more! Animation is not real. Animation is drawn images from people like you and me, and pre-recorded dialogues and music added to produce sound for the images. But despite all of it, despite how not unreal animation is, it doesn’t stop it from making you feel so real on the inside. Paperman tells its story and touches the hearts of its viewers just as well as any of Disney/Pixar’s current animated films. It goes to show you that through all the fancy graphics and special effects, sometimes a simple story and incredible story telling and animation is all it takes to produce an amazing work of art.
The magic that animation gives us, the ability to take images and sound and produce real emotions within all of us is what animation is all about, and Paperman delivers like no other.
Along with being the first animated short by Disney to win an academy award in over 40 years, Paperman is a must see for any animation, disney, romance fanatic. You can find a few clips of it on youtube currently, just look for any that is around 6 minutes long. The other videos are usually clips or trailers. I also believe it is on Hulu or Hulu Plus.

Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella

blue umbrella

Another animated short, shown in theaters with Pixar’s Monster’s University, tells is another romantic story in a way only Pixar is able to. Through inanimate objects that has feelings and emotions and does not make us question it what so ever!
Just like Paperman, this short also uses minimal dialog minus background music and noises while telling a story about a blue umbrella that stands out in many ways among a crowd of people and becomes infatuated by a cute red umbrella standing next to him. It’s love at first sight! (yes I know umbrellas don’t really have eyes so it technically can’t be love at first ‘sight’ but just go with it ok)
But things take a turn for the worst, when their owners take turns away from each other and head their respective ways, taking their love smitten umbrellas with them.
Blue goes after his woman…umbrella..girl…I don’t know… he goes after Red and must find a way to her before it’s too late. Which is hard because umbrellas can’t move on their own.
Another sweet and simple story about love and chasing after it. Pixar did an amazing job yet again with making us fall in love and cry over a household item we would otherwise relate no emotions towards.
A must see for everybody! You can find a few clips on youtube, though quality will not be great, but watchable at least. Like Paperman, look for a video that is about 6 minutes long. Shorter ones are usually trailers or clips.

So there you have it. Two animated clips that have made my day! Now I know what you’re thinking. “Which one was your favorite?”
I hate it when people ask me that!
I can’t just pick one, I like them all too much. So why not both?

I present you Umbrella Paperman! God I love the internet! It has helped me find so many great things. It has even one me a slap bet against my friend, we made a slap wager that I could not find a cool picture of Ryu from Street Fighter rocking a cape. And boy did I prove him wrong! But that shall be a story for a later day!
Until then, for those who have found your lover, watch these films together and have an amazing evening. For those who have not, when you find that one, go after them! Live your life like these animated icons and chase after love! If you’re not the lovey dovey person, then find something passion to chase after and go for it!


Fly! Gundam! (UC Post 1)


So I’ve decided to put up a few posts about one of my favorite things in this world, Gundams!
Giant mechanical suits of death, lasers, missiles, explosions and…peace!

Words can not describe my love for them, from the series, the soundtrack, and especially the gundam models! I’ve build the models since I was around 13 years old when my old friend Mathew introduced them to me. I’ve only recently begun adventuring into customizing models, normally I would just build and paint them to be as close to the show as I could. Maybe one day I’ll be posting up some models, but that’s not the topic of today’s post.

So my gundam posts are meant for people who are new or would like to know more about the Gundam series. I will be reviewing all of them with some brief descriptions and synopsis of the different series. These are not meant to be in-depth analysis, for that, check out the gundam wikia page or even better, watch the show!


Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

Lets start things off with the original, the classic, the RX-78-2 White Devil himself, the very first Mobile Suit Gundam.

The show introduces us to the Universal Century (UC) universe and introduces the start of the Federation vs Zeon War and the first creation of the Gundam.
Human beings have colonized into space with the creation of giant space colonies. The Colonies furthest away from Earth declares independence from Earth, disliking Earth’s authority of pushing Earth citizens to colonize into space, which upsets the space colonists. Led by the Zabi family, the colonists called themselves the Republic of Zeon and although the Earth Federation outnumbered the Zeons, they had the greater technology and after months of fighting, the casualties were already in its billions.

The series starts on a colony where the Federation has been developing new weapons and mobile suits. Their newest war ship, called The White Base, comes to pick up the new weapons but are attacked by trailing Zeon forces. A colony resident named Amuro Ray enters the cockpit of the Gundam, fights off the Zeon forces and becomes the Gundam pilot for the White Base. With his friends onboard the White Base as refugees, Amuro fights and improves his piloting skills with the Gundam and the crew goes on a series of missions fighting off Zeon forces, the Zabi family and facing off against a Zeon ace pilot by the name of Char Aznable, aka the Red Comet, who the two quickly form a rivalry. Amuro is often joined in combat by his friends who have also taken position among the White Base crew: Bright Noa commander of the White Base, Kai Bidan in the Gun Cannon, Ryu and Hayato in the Gun Tank, and Sayla Mass in the Core Booster. Through the death of his friends, crew mates, love interests and the strain of constant fighting, Amuro quickly learns of the cruel nature of war and distance himself from everyone over the stress, loss of loved ones, and his newly developing powers of being a Newtype (I will discuss this more afterwards). During the final battle at A Baoa Qu, Zeon’s strongest asteroid base, the Federation emerges victorious, all except one Zabi family member had been killed, Char goes missing and Amuro uses his Newtype abilities to telepathically guide his friends to safety and away from an exploding White Base, realizing that the crew had become the family he truly belongs to.

The One Year War ends with the Zeon survivors and the Federation signing a peace treaty and a stop to the fighting.


(Top: White Base, Left: Gun Cannon, Middle: Gundam, Right: Gun Tank)

Mobile Suit Gundam kicks this off and shows the strength of a gundam. They are fast, mobile, durable, and capable of taking down any enemy no matter how big  or strong they may be. Gundam mainly represents an end to war and often questions the motives and integrity of each side, as in real war, their may not always be a “right” side and a “wrong” side.

The show also introduces Newtypes, the next stage of human evolution after living in space. Although the show leaves some ambiguity to the full extent of their abilities, newtypes are able to telepathically communicate with each other, sense the hostilities in their enemies which allows them to react quickly against their enemies, mentally speak to deceased Newtypes, and psychically man remote controlled weapons (which in my opinion is the most broken weapons in all of the gundam universes haha) Newtypes are often exploited by the military and are experimented to create artificial versions of them, called Cyber Newtypes.

Overall Gundam represents war, the true nature of it, corruption in government and power, and how it is always right to fight for what is truly right. To fight for an end of war, for true compromise and for a better understanding of each other so that we do not discriminate and lead ourselves to conflict. Though Mobile Suit Gundam is a pretty darn old series, which does make it a bit hard for some people to sit through watching these days, the show did an excellent job of introducing us to the Gundam Universe. It also makes us all dream of the days when war will allow us to fly around in giant robots sporting laser guns, and machine cannons, and missiles, and shining fighters of death, and FIN FUNNEL BARRAGES!!!!!! Death to all those who like fighting. DEATH TO THEM ALL!!!!!
*note I do not support this message of violence. Please do not take me seriously on this for I am a peace loving guy who just likes watching clashes of robotic knights in space!*

Hello!  (and yes that is a Book of Mormon reference)

So I spontaneously bought a ticket last night to go see the Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles for today. I got Orchestra Center seat, row F, smack dab in the middle of the aisle, for a fantastic deal! What I think happened was the guy I bought it from on eBay bought a bunch of tickets to sell to people, and this one was in danger of getting unbought, so he sold it at a lower price than it should be to break even. It was all good to me! I got a great seat, close to the cast, and didn’t had to spend a fortune on it. And let me tell you, I had an AMAZING experience!

Though I have seen musicals before, on television and film, I have never gone to a theater to go watch a musical. So not only was this my first time seeing a musical live, it was also my first time being at the Pantages Theater. All I have to say was, it was money well spent!

I parked myself nearby at a public parking lot. Not right next to the Pantages, those were ranging $20-30! And I was only going to be staying for about 3 hours. No deal! Especially if a block away there was public parking for only $10!

I came about 5 minutes late to the showing, so I had to watch the first opening song though a television screen. It was all right since I have seen the opening on youtube already, since they performed it at the Tony Awards.

Right from the beginning, I was hooked! The material was funny, it was creative, and best of all, it was so much fun laughing with an audience that was already full of laughter. I did wish I was able to go with someone, but this was spontaneous, plus I had a lot of fun regardless. Maybe this is coming from a more nerdy side of me, but the amount of ridiculous plot twists and cameos in the show really had me going. From gay Hitler, to Darth Vader,  Uhura, Hobbits, and even a heavy metal rocking devil! It was hilarious.

Now going a little deeper into the musical, no lie the musical does take its fair share of poking fun at Mormon the religion and the Church of Latter Day Saints. But that’s exactly what makes it so great. It pokes fun of Mormons, but does not insult Mormons. (At least in my eyes, I am not Mormon myself so I do apologize if some Mormons do take offense to the play). If anything, what the musical really pokes fun of is religion as a whole. Yes, no matter what you believe in, there will always be people doubting your religion. There will always be mysteries and unexplained questions in your religion., and that sometimes the only answer you can give to explain that is that you just have faith. But what people often forget to see is what religion does for people; that it helps people. It fulfills people. It gives them hope. It inspires people, and although it may not be something you believe in or it may not mean anything to you, it means the world to other people. And if it means something special to them, and it helps them then who are we to tell them otherwise.

Now debates are always good to have. I love having debates about religion with friends. To me, I feel I gain a better understanding of the religion and its believers. But there is a line between debating and pushing down your beliefs (whatever it may be) down other people’s throats. In facet, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham never forcefully told the book of Mormon to anyone. They were both kind, respectful and tolerant; upholding true virtues of the Latter Day Saints.

Final Verdict: The Book of Mormon satires and pokes fun of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon), but does so in such a creative and ingenious way. They created a story that not only entertains and makes you laugh, it also makes you think. The story is sweet, showing the struggles of the main characters as they try to uphold their beliefs and friendship in an unfamiliar and harsh new setting. Though I will say the show is a lot more comical than deep, it has a lot of hidden messages that are so subtly inserted into the musical that it is easy to miss. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created a story that is a great change from their South Park episodes, but also keeps the integrity of their previous work, and that is to give an entertaining and funny story that once you take a step back, you realize it actually contains a lot of hidden messages and morals. The Book of Mormon is no different. A great, entertaining, funny, witty and clever musical that shows the impact of religion and that sometimes, it’s alright to take a step back and see your beliefs for what it is and what it means to you.
Plus the musical talents of Robert Lopez (who’s previous work includes Avenue Q) was the icing on the cake that complemented the story  perfectly.

The Book of Mormon was pure genius!

A must see for everyone!…well except for children. Might be a little too adult for children.