Hello!  (and yes that is a Book of Mormon reference)

So I spontaneously bought a ticket last night to go see the Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles for today. I got Orchestra Center seat, row F, smack dab in the middle of the aisle, for a fantastic deal! What I think happened was the guy I bought it from on eBay bought a bunch of tickets to sell to people, and this one was in danger of getting unbought, so he sold it at a lower price than it should be to break even. It was all good to me! I got a great seat, close to the cast, and didn’t had to spend a fortune on it. And let me tell you, I had an AMAZING experience!

Though I have seen musicals before, on television and film, I have never gone to a theater to go watch a musical. So not only was this my first time seeing a musical live, it was also my first time being at the Pantages Theater. All I have to say was, it was money well spent!

I parked myself nearby at a public parking lot. Not right next to the Pantages, those were ranging $20-30! And I was only going to be staying for about 3 hours. No deal! Especially if a block away there was public parking for only $10!

I came about 5 minutes late to the showing, so I had to watch the first opening song though a television screen. It was all right since I have seen the opening on youtube already, since they performed it at the Tony Awards.

Right from the beginning, I was hooked! The material was funny, it was creative, and best of all, it was so much fun laughing with an audience that was already full of laughter. I did wish I was able to go with someone, but this was spontaneous, plus I had a lot of fun regardless. Maybe this is coming from a more nerdy side of me, but the amount of ridiculous plot twists and cameos in the show really had me going. From gay Hitler, to Darth Vader,  Uhura, Hobbits, and even a heavy metal rocking devil! It was hilarious.

Now going a little deeper into the musical, no lie the musical does take its fair share of poking fun at Mormon the religion and the Church of Latter Day Saints. But that’s exactly what makes it so great. It pokes fun of Mormons, but does not insult Mormons. (At least in my eyes, I am not Mormon myself so I do apologize if some Mormons do take offense to the play). If anything, what the musical really pokes fun of is religion as a whole. Yes, no matter what you believe in, there will always be people doubting your religion. There will always be mysteries and unexplained questions in your religion., and that sometimes the only answer you can give to explain that is that you just have faith. But what people often forget to see is what religion does for people; that it helps people. It fulfills people. It gives them hope. It inspires people, and although it may not be something you believe in or it may not mean anything to you, it means the world to other people. And if it means something special to them, and it helps them then who are we to tell them otherwise.

Now debates are always good to have. I love having debates about religion with friends. To me, I feel I gain a better understanding of the religion and its believers. But there is a line between debating and pushing down your beliefs (whatever it may be) down other people’s throats. In facet, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham never forcefully told the book of Mormon to anyone. They were both kind, respectful and tolerant; upholding true virtues of the Latter Day Saints.

Final Verdict: The Book of Mormon satires and pokes fun of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon), but does so in such a creative and ingenious way. They created a story that not only entertains and makes you laugh, it also makes you think. The story is sweet, showing the struggles of the main characters as they try to uphold their beliefs and friendship in an unfamiliar and harsh new setting. Though I will say the show is a lot more comical than deep, it has a lot of hidden messages that are so subtly inserted into the musical that it is easy to miss. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created a story that is a great change from their South Park episodes, but also keeps the integrity of their previous work, and that is to give an entertaining and funny story that once you take a step back, you realize it actually contains a lot of hidden messages and morals. The Book of Mormon is no different. A great, entertaining, funny, witty and clever musical that shows the impact of religion and that sometimes, it’s alright to take a step back and see your beliefs for what it is and what it means to you.
Plus the musical talents of Robert Lopez (who’s previous work includes Avenue Q) was the icing on the cake that complemented the story  perfectly.

The Book of Mormon was pure genius!

A must see for everyone!…well except for children. Might be a little too adult for children.