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I’m sitting here at Chapman University, the start of my second and last year of graduate school. There’s a lot going through my mind, such as where I’ll be this time next year, job applications for after graduation, where will I find work, will I ever be able to pay off my horrendous student loans? You know, the daily usual. Haha.

But while I sit and code some homework in the lunch area, I hear some distinct music playing in the background. Today, Pablo Caminero and the O.F.N.I. Trio were playing some live jazz music in the courtyard, stopping here as part of their tour.

Sitting here, listening to some live jazz music, I guess I just felt the need to get something off my chest. Life moves fast, the world moves fast. In a blink of an eye, a whole year of school, internships, and so many personal events have passed before my eyes. I’ve also seen how fast the lives of my friends have moved as well. Some getting married or having a child by the end of this year.

I guess I just wanted to say, no matter how fast life moves, don’t forget to take time to stop and listen to the music. I know it sounds cliche, and I’m sure we’ve all heard it before, but it’s nice to be reminded of these things every once in a while. Life will always move fast, but if you take some time to just appreciate where you are, you may come out realizing something new.


Also, I feel none of my friends really appreciate this aspect, so I felt like talking about my feelings about this through this blog. So many of my friends are traveling, and when I tried giving suggestions on places to go or things to do, people don’t usually take my advice. I guess it’s cause everyone has their own preference and there’s nothing wrong with that.

When hiking in Bryce Canyon with friends, all I wanted to do was lay down, at night time, staring at the stars. When you use your hands to block out the trees from your peripheral to just look the starts and night sky, the view is gorgeous and will take you away. Paired with your favorite space/galactic music, in my case soundtracks from Doctor Who, and you just feel out of this world. It was breathtaking and I wish I had been able to enjoy it more, or had at least one of my friends enjoying it with me. However, they wanted to leave and go elsewhere, and I had no choice but to go. I don’t hate my friends for that, I just understand that for traveling, our interests may not exactly align.

I realize that I do things like this very often. In Japan while everyone took selfies of themselves with the life size Gundam in Odaiba, I started in awe of it and could not take my eyes off of seeing something I loved so much come to life. I sat down in a corner of El Dorado park in San Francisco enjoying a nice cup of tea, a new comic book, and enjoying the fantastic view of the city and the people. I walked through New York City enjoying the architectures and vibes that each district gave and loved spending down time meeting one of my best friends, who worked in the city, in a park surrounded by skyscrapers as tall as the eye can see. I’ve been able to find so many hole in the walls and encountered so many things by random chance from my aimless wandering. (While wondering Brooklyn Park, I found the Captain America Statue when a film crew was shooting and got the chance to be in the background for the history channel’s Superheroes Decoded special that aired around April 2017.)

I don’t mean to brag at the things I’ve experienced. Far from it, I just want to share how many positive experiences I had when I allowed myself the freedom to wonder and take in where I am. I suppose I also wished I had people in my life who were as interested in this aspect of traveling as I am. It often feels I have a different view of the world and I sometimes wished I had someone to appreciate that with me. But I digress. I have been very fortunate in my life and it is my hopes that I may be able to pass on some of the things I’ve learned for other people to enjoy. Maybe somebody will come across this blog post, put up with my rambling, and be able to take some of my experience to heart.

Life can be filled with its own rewards when you’re not always so concentrated on getting from one place to the next.

Happy traveling everyone. And wherever you go, remember to enjoy the music!



Last Sunday, Game of Thrones aired its season 6 finale.

There is much to talk about in that episode, and so many theories/confirmation of theories. None of which I am going to talk about, because lets be honest. Everyone and their grandmas’ are talking about it already. So rather than this post be something just like the countless other, I decided to talk about something different.

Though he was only in the episode for as small segment, when Sam arrived in Oldtown and into the Hightower, we are greeted with a huge CGI library, filled with walls full of books. So many books that it puts Beasts’ gift to Belle from Beauty and the Beast to shame.



Anyway, if you look at the roof decorations, you see this.



Which should remind you of this…


The hanging decor from the top of the library in Hitower is the same Sun/spherical thing from the Intro song. And that leads me to believe that at the end of the series, the entire story of Game of Thrones is being told to us by someone. Most likely, Maester Sam (assuming he doesn’t die before becoming a maester)
It even makes sense as when we see all of the cities, kingdoms and castles pop up like it’s from a pop up book. Almost as if somebody is either reciting the events of the series, or at least documenting everything in the Library. It also plays into the title of the series, a Song of Ice and Fire, which would tie into that somebody is reciting the tale.



So not really a spoiler, just something interesting that I caught when watching the episode, and then I went to a book store and saw the pop up book and thought to myself “Hey, this reminds me of the intro, what if the entire series is being told to us in the Library and that is why we see the spherical decor from the Library, and the pop up kingdoms as if they were from a book.”



Today was a rather…sad day…

I did something that I can not take back. I broke things off with my girlfriend and although I was the one who wanted to end things, I feel sad. As I fold my laundry and pack my things to prepare for my weekend trip to my parents, I look around my room and feel a sense of nostalgia and a mix of emotions.

I look at the valentines day bag she got me, my very first valentines day present from someone that was more than a friend. I am reminded of the past when we made plans for Valentines day, but got into a week long argument over the approach of issues and ignoring problems before that and had to cancel the plans. Neither of us wanted to just pretend that everything was ok just to spend a Valentines day together, so we agreed that if we could not resolve our issues before the date, then we would not attend the event.

I look at the Christmas stocking that she hand knitted me, and the blanket that she made for me. I remember our first Christmas together, and how happy we were then. But I can also remember that before the Christmas holiday, we were also in an argument over poor planning and bad communication. Luckily we were able to patch things up before Christmas. And then I remember the New Years, just about a week after Christmas, and I can remember how we spent the day sitting at a fountain discussing about our problems with friends and ideals.

And finally I look at the collection of card games that I own, and I remember the fun times we had playing with each other and how much I enjoyed teaching her my games and sharing my personal hobbies with her. And I am reminded of how much she used to say “no” to me the first few times I asked her to just spend time with me and my interests.

I remember the good times that we had together. And they were great times. But I remember all the bad times we had together as well. I don’t want to call myself a pessimist and that I am only thinking about the bad times. But from the lack of growing as a couple, of building stronger communication and understanding of each other, I saw that our relationship could not progress any further. And also…i was not happy. And I saw that although there were times where she was happy with me, there were also a lot of times where she wasn’t.

I felt the best thing to do was to end things, and yet I am now reminded of the good times we spent together. Of all the nights we stayed up talking, how when I was dealing with family issues, or just wanted someone to talk to, when something exciting happened she was the first person I wanted to tell, how when I felt lonely, she was there to keep me company. I think that deep down, despite all the bad times…I know that I am really going to miss her…
But I know this is the right thing to do. I know it in my heart that right now, the way we both are now, things would not work out.

Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing. But we do them because it’s right. At least…I hope it was the right decision to make…

So just a note before starting, if there are any die hard gundam fans reading this though I am trying to go in timeline order, I know there are tons of novelizations, mangas, games and even some OVA’s that deserve some mentioning, I have not personally seen or read all of them and also, these posts are meant more to get people into Gundams by providing short(ish) posts talking about the show. So I know I should have been talking about the MS IGLOO and eventually about the White Dingos of the Sega Dreamcast games, but I’m going to hold off on them and focus more on the more popular and mainstreamed series. And I also forgot to mention this before, Spoilers ahead. Read at your own digression. Though I promise, I won’t spoil everything.


Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

War in the Pocket takes place towards the end of the One Year War (The events of Mobile Suit Gundam) with the creation of a new Gundam code named “Gundam Alex”. The new mobile suit was designed to have a faster response time and a new 360 degree view cockpit for better piloting. The story takes place on a neutral space colony where a Zeon team infiltrates to discover the secret location of the Gundam and destroy it. Al Izuruha, a local 11-year-old, dreams about fighting in the war and fate comes knocking at his door as he meets Bernie Wiseman, a member of the Zeon team and the two quickly develop a older-younger brother relationship. Al’s old neighbor, Christina Mackenzie, a member of the Earth Federation, is transferred back to the colony and accidentally attacks Bernie when she sees him sneaking around Al’s house. Al tells her Bernie is his brother, and Christ and Bernie take a quick liking to each other.

After a failed attempt to eliminate the Gundam, Bernie and Al soon discover that unless they can destroy the Gundam, the Zeon forces stationed outside will drop a nuclear bomb on  the colony to destroy the Gundam. Bernie initially tries to escape the colony, but soon has a change in heart as he could not bear loosing Al and Chris and so returns and with the help of Al, they fix up a broken Zaku and Bernie gives one last shot at taking down the Gundam.



Though my review does have a cliffhanger ending, I do so only because I absolutely loved this series and would encourage everyone who hasn’t seen it to go watch it. Plus the series is only 6 episodes, so it’s not long at all.

Although set in the same universe as Mobile Suit Gundam, it moves away from Newtypes and showcases ordinary humans fighting during the war and introduces us the idea that not every Zeon should be seen as “bad”.  Al starts off with an idealistic view of war and even at an early age, disagrees with his friends when he learns that they view Zeons as bad because the news and their parents told them that. War in the Pocket is a heart touching story and though there are a lot of sad moments, it goes to show that there are never really any happy stories to be told during war, and often it is innocent civilians who suffer the most from conflict.

Official 1st Post

Hola. This will be my official first post on my new blog.

Anyway, I’m not getting into anything specific just yet.

I love many things in this world. I love art, graphic design, animation, drawing, painting, and comic books.
I love tv shows, sitcoms, sprite animations and cartoons. I’m a total 90’s kid cartoon show kind of guy!
I love playing the piano, though I’m not exactly a pro.

I love math and science. I love high levels of theoretical mathematics and physics. I may not comprehend them all exactly, but I love learning about it.
I love to analyze things. Either people or numbers. I love looking at statistics and finding new statistics
I love learning about new technology. I love technological innovation.

And most of all…I love my dog Izze!

Just to start things off, after seeing two good friends of mine go off to see The Book of Mormon at the Los Angeles Pantages Theater yesterday, and me seeing some of their songs on youtube with my cousin Anthony, I looked through ticket sales to find a cheap(relatively) ticket to go watch the play myself. I have never been to a musical, and I would love to go watch a musical at the Pantages. Unfortunately…there was nothing cheap..until I decided to try eBay. I found a guy selling a ticket for today, for only $150 or best offer. The ticket was for row F, Orchestra Center…also known as Row 6 Center Stage! I couldn’t resist so out of a whim, I bought the ticket. How could I not? My first experience to a musical, and it’s amazing tickets! For about half the price it would be if I bought it from ticketmaster!
Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a fraud or something, though the ticket is insured by eBay, and the guy has a 100% approval rate so I think I’m in good hands.

I’ll be posting my experience later today!